Luna Home Health Care Services

Led by Ms.Rekha Venkatesh, Head of Operations, and works closely with the core team on providing efficient, quality driven services to our patients. Ms.Rekha being an experienced RN (Reg. Nurse) also asses the patient condition before deploying a competent nurse for patient care. Ms.Rekha was trained at CSI Rainy Multi Speciality Hospital and has been a Registered Nurse for 13 years. She is a gold medallist, University topper, throughout nursing programme. Luna is a pioneer in the culture of professional, high quality and personalized home healthcare service. Through the years, our Luna has been able to provide quality home healthcare to thousands of people who would otherwise seek interventions for home care in Chennai.

Homecare or home-based healthcare is a best solution that is increasingly better suited for the times we live in. Currently, elderly care, physiotherapy, rehabilitation are the services that witness maximum demand in the homecare segment. Going forward, we foresee a growing demand for dialysis, chemotherapy, caring for children with special needs and palliative care. At a macro level too, home healthcare frees up precious hospital beds and comes as a boon for the healthcare infrastructure in Chennai.

The significant demand-supply gap in our healthcare system is addressed as homecare complements the overall healthcare delivery system by reducing the average length of stay in a hospital, ensuring proper utilization of existing bed capacity and significantly strengthening the care continuum.

Nursing Care Services at Luna

Do you require elderly care, post-surgical care, wound care, IV infusions, injections, vaccination, urinary catheterization, or other nursing services? All of this and more is available in the comfort of your own home from our highly qualified and skilled nurses.

Luna provides Nursing services at home are generally less expensive and just as effective as those provided in nursing homes or hospitals. Nursing services provide personalized care at home, similar to that provided in a hospital. They are far more empathetic to the patient, integrating into the patient and family and forming an emotional connection with both the patient and the family.

Post-surgical care includes things like feeding, breathing, pain management, and fluid management. Our nurses will assist you in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to heal more quickly. Nursing care will be provided by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and trained nurses, among others. As a result, you won't have to be concerned about the home nurse's care quality.

Care With Luna

Staying far away from your parents’ for work or study is not easy. You realize that your parents are getting old and they need someone by their side to manage with everyday mundane tasks. You may often wish that there was someone you can trust to fill in your shoes and personally take care of your parents’ needs. Luna provides senior Home care services in Chennai.

At Luna, we acknowledge that everyone's requirements are unique, for which our services are highly customized. Luna's incredible team of highly experienced caretakers looks after your elders in Chennai with complete care and help you get the best for your parents.

With its world-class services and unwavering standards, Unlike other agencies, Luna Home Health care service is filling a void in senior care. Every senior citizen in Chennai experience an increase in the happiness quotient in their life and peace of mind for you as we all wish.